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Happy 2013!!!

I starting a little late on the new year but (WHEW)…..  I guess it was fun?
Just wanted to let you know it’s been  a Kartoon Krazy.Year …so far!
Hoping to add many more pics to the gallery (oh ..)YOU HAVEN’T checked out the Gallery..Well what’s up Doc?  Why not?  We have some REALLY cool things that you can do with the art.You can just about put it on anything or any size! SWEEET! ….So you know where to find me..if not here I’ll be on FB.
So stay tuned Katoon Heads for more strange and wonderful news ..and always remember…..Just because your older doesn’t mean you have to give up Kartoons and diapers ..Both are still fun at parties!!

Paint It Pink

  Hey All You Kartoonheads..

      The Tulsa Art Center (Located between Looney Bin and Windsor Market) on 68th and Memorial is hosting The “PAINT IT PINK”  art auction and sale benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation. We have all kinds of art and different things to bid on. Motley Crue was nice enough to send us some autographed memorabilia and Lita Ford signed poster for us So come out Oct. 28th starting @ 2:00 pm and check out ALL THE STUFF….

Hey  Everyone!
   I’m glad you are here ! I have finally joined the 21st century and have my OWN website and I’m also on Facebook (I know I can hardly believe it either)and I just wanted to thank everybody who made to possible .
   Keep you calendar open for Oct. 28th 2012 ,The Tulsa Art Center is hosting the “PAINT IT PINK”
art auction benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There will be all types of art ,some  autographed music memorabilia and other things up for auction.We will all be in costume and the will be some treats for the kiddies. 
   Tulsa has really been good to us this last year, so we just wanted to give back…So stay tuned for more details….
      TTHHHTHHAT’S ALL FOLKS  for now …








th 2012

I am Kevin Bunch-Cartoonist and Artist

Hello World! My name is Kevin Bunch and I love to draw a “Bunch O Lines”!

Most any drawing starts with one simple line…and the artist takes it from there. I have been drawing since I was 5 years old. The love of art and cartoons has stayed with me throughout my journey of life. Join me and see what we can do together!

I teach. I draw. I love life!

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