Kevin Bunch is a local artist and cartoonist who enjoys art, people, and cartoons!


As a child of 5 years old, this local Tulsa artist learned to draw from Dad. A father is many things to his children and one of those is teacher and another is hero. A love for lines and drawing was born between father and son and would last a lifetime….a legacy is born!

A former teacher at Tulsa School of Arts (once located on Memorial near 71st street right next to the Looney Bin comedy Club-now closed) is only part of Kevin’s resume. Teaching art is a passion. What better way to enjoy and build your craft than by teaching it to others and giving back to the community? If you are interested in a private art lesson, contact Kevin Bunch for scheduling possibilities.

the Present:

Kevin enjoys doing “Kartoons” at events all over green country. You can usually find him at Mayfest, Tokyo in Tulsa, the occassional lock-in, graduation, birthday, and anniversary celebration. Check the website and blog posts for MORE information!